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Learn 400 Chinese Words in 30 Hours or less!
Both spoken and written!

Join the fun with small online group classes led by English-speaking Chinese teachers using our Accelerated Learning techniques.

“I just wanted to say that the reason I decided on ACCS Chinese is because of your structured approach to learning Mandarin.
This seems to differ from the way some of the tutoring websites market their learning.“        
Michael (current student)

If you want to learn Chinese in the fastest, most effectively, and easiest way, look no further.
We are the leading Chinese Language Centre in Australia (ACCS)!

Around US$12 per hour!
20 Levels of Mandarin!
10 Levels of Cantonese!
Over 20,000 past students!
30 years of experience!
Almost 2,000 Facebook Followers!

Fun Chinese classes

Mandarin Classes

Not all online Chinese learning is the same. With us, you will join a group of like minded students motivated to learn Chinese in an engaged manner in an online environment using a structured approach, Accelerated Learning.
Alternatively, you can have private tuition at an affordable pricepoint if our timetables is not convenient for you.
Finally, with our hybrid learning package for Chinese, you get the option of Mandarin or Cantonese self-study led by one of our teachers. 

Learn how to read and write commonly used Chinese radicals which still form the basis of modern Chinese writing. By mastering these radicals, students will learn other characters more easily and how to use a Chinese/English dictionary more quickly.

Learn to speak in everyday situations. The teaching technique used to teach writing, reading and conversations is based completely on our Accelerated Learning principles.

Find out more about how we teach Chinese using Accelerated Learning at our ACCS website.

Fast Chinese classes
Testimonial by Katrina

Cantonese Classes

Our Cantonese classes focus mainly on conversational Cantonese.
There are 10 Levels of our Cantonese classes.
The emphasis is on conversational skills in both social and business settings.
For more details, Cantonese courses including the syllabus.

Zoom online Chinese classes
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Chinese Classes Timetables

All our Chinese (Mandarin or Cantonese) group classes are held once per week for 10 weeks per Term or per Level.
2 hours classes.
New classes commence every Term.
We have 4 Terms per year which means you can study up to 4 Levels in 1 year!

Find out more about our Timetables here. We have many classes conducted at each Level - attend any class of the same Level each week for maximum flexibility. Or, watch a recording of the class instead.

We also conduct private classes or tuition tailored to your specific needs.

Zoom Chinese classes
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Chinese Course Pricing

Beginners Level 1 live classes are about US$14  per hour.
All this includes student materials and access to our Premium student tools.
These classes are real live Zoom sessions interacting with other nice and friendly students.
If you miss your regular class, you have the option of watching a recording of the lesson or attend another class of the same Level.

Enrol now to avoid disappointment since all our Zoom classes are limited to only 12 students.

All our classes are 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED!
Get your money back (less any credit card fees) if you are not happy for any reason, before your 2nd lesson.

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Group classes with Zoom - Learn Chinese without Tears!

Don’t get stressed with one-on-one classes - join a group class and have some fun instead.
Don’t pay for private classes - it’s cheaper with Zoom classes and much more enjoyable.

Robert Wong

For more information on pricing and scheduling or enrolments, please email our Chinese Centre Manager, Robert, at hello@accschinese.com
or chat with him on our ACCS Facebook Page
or WhatsApp him on +614 0152 9920.

Money Back Offer for our Chinese classes All our classes are 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED!
Get your money back (less any credit card fees) if you are not happy for any reason, before your 2nd lesson.

Testimonial by Allan Hortle

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Timetables (Mandarin and Cantonese) based on Global Time Zones

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